In this paper, vibration characteristics of a Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) are studied by using physical parameters of an operating VRM. The mathematical model is derived and simulated for a set of working parameters. Mechanical properties of the grinding material and the physical properties of the mechanical construction are used in the vibration model in order to obtain more realistic results. Simulation results are presented which give critical frequencies of the VRM. The effects of the hydraulic compressive force to the vibration characteristics are investigated. The effects of the material feeding rate (which affects the mineral thickness to be grinded) to the vibration characteristics are also simulated.

In order to validate the mathematical model, a set of experimental vibration tests are performed on the VRM. Vibrations are measured during the run-down procedure of the VRM in order to determine natural frequencies of the mill as well as excitation frequencies of the system. The measurements showed the validity of the proposed mathematical model for the vibration analysis of the VRM.

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