Various technologies have been developed to enhance the heat transfer. Vortex generator (VG) is one of the passive techniques which can change the flow behavior and ultimately enhances the heat transfer performance. Delta winglet (DW) vortex generator can create longitudinal and horseshoe vortices which do not decay until further downstream and consequently increase heat transfer coefficient with comparatively lower pressure drop. With this vortex generator, it is expected to have higher Nusselt number with some increase of friction factor. Therefore, this study is to study the effect of pitch ratio (PR) and attack angle (B) of DW vortex generator to increase the thermal performance of heat exchanger. Four delta winglets are attached into a ring. Those rings attached with VGs will be used to investigate the influence of different parameters to heat transfer performance. In this study VGs were placed inside a circular copper tube and the heating coil was wrapped up around the outer surface of the copper tube to generate a constant heat flux condition. The experimental setup consists of a blower, orifice meter, flow straightener, calm/flow developing section and test section. The results show the friction factor, Nusselt number, and Thermal Performance Enhancement. It increases the thermal performance due to the formation of longitudinal vortex inside the circular tube. Pitch ratio and attack angle seem to have significant impact on the flow and heat transfer. The Pitch ratio of 1.6 have the highest impact on both (f/f0) and (Nu/Nuo) followed by attack angle. Smoke flow visualization technique was used to study flow behavior and flow structures.

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