In a piping system, due to the sudden opening or closing of valves and pumps etc., pressure inside can be changed both rapidly and suddenly, which may cause water hammer, noise, vibration, and even damage the whole piping system seriously. Thus, to stabilize pressure in piping system under a target value is very important. In this paper, a novel pressure regulation component, two-stage spring linked perforated plate (TSP), is proposed, which is mainly made up of a fixed perforated plate, a mobile perforated plate and a spring to link them. To begin with, a transient numerical model of a TSP is established and the simulation results are compared with the theoretical formula for the purpose of validation. Then, its dynamic flow and pressure characteristics are investigated under typical inlet pressure and outlet pressure to present its advantage on pressure stabilization. Meanwhile, different pressure ratios from 1 to 2 are all investigated on dynamic motion of mobile perforated plate. Under different working conditions, the displacement during the dynamic motion at different flow time, the response time to reach the final stabilization, and pressure characteristics are all figured out. This work can be useful for the further design work on two-stage spring linked perforated plates and similar pressure regulation components.

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