The Variable Displacement Linkage Pump (VDLP) uses an adjustable planar linkage to vary the displacement of the piston. Previous work focused on dynamic modeling of the pump at fixed displacements and therefore did not account for the displacement control method or the dynamics of changing displacement. One key application of the VDLP is in pressure compensated, high-pressure water hydraulics. This paper expands on previous modeling work to include the behavior of the hydro-mechanical pressure compensation valves and the displacement control linkage. The multi-domain dynamic model captures the fluid dynamics in the pumping chambers and poppet-style control valves; the dynamics of the control valves; and the kinematics and kinetics of the two degree-of-freedom nine-bar pump linkage. The dynamic model was exercised in a simulation of the pump responding to changing demands in the output flow rate. Simulation results showed that quick response times of 100 milliseconds to a step in the load were achieved. Overshoot of the displacement is damped using an orifice in the control line. A physical prototype of the VDLP was used to validate the simulation results.

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