Wind turbine operates in harsh environment so that wind turbine breaks down frequently. As the altering loads on wind turbine are complicated, finding abnormity through the parameters of performance is difficult to achieve. How to find the faults of wind turbine in early time effectively is a practical problem confronted by researchers. In this paper, the method for detecting and distinguishing several faults of wind turbine using transient dynamics analysis on main shaft of wind turbine is presented. Firstly, a finite element model of wind turbine is established. Secondly, loads on blades and rotor of the model would be calculated using GH Bladed. Thirdly, transient dynamics analysis is carried out based on the finite element model, using the loads mentioned above. As the displacements of the shaft vary with the operating conditions, we can get the characters of the different faults of wind turbine through the vibration, and even judge the fault type of the wind turbine. Perhaps this method could be a practical way to detect the abnormity of wind turbine and prevent it from failing.

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