A new algebraic anisotropic eddy viscosity model (AEVM) is developed to account for the anisotropic characteristics of flow fields for internal cooling channels in a gas turbine. The model consist of two parts: k and ε near wall modeling are improved to obtain precise near wall turbulent characteristics and eddy viscosity; anisotropic ratios are derived to account for anisotropy and further modify the normal Reynolds stresses by combining implicit algebraic stress model and isotropic eddy viscosity model. The new algebraic anisotropic eddy viscosity model is validated in two cases: 1) flow prediction of backward facing step, better results are obtained especially turbulent quantities, 2) flow and heat transfer predictions of internal channels with ribs, numerical reattachment length after each rib is more close to the measured value after anisotropic modification, and heat transfer prediction accuracy is increased by 6–10%. Results indicate the present model can be applied to flow and heat transfer prediction of separated flows in internal cooling channels efficiently.

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