This paper applies a new analytical/empirical method to formulate the off-design deviation angle correlation of axial flow compressor blade elements. An implicit function of deviation angle is used to map off-design deviation curves into linear correlations (minimum linear correlation coefficient R = 0.959 in this paper). Solution of the coefficients in the correlation is given through the study of classical theories and statistical analysis of the experimental data. The off-design deviation angle can be calculated numerically. The approach requires only knowledge of the blade element geometry. The comparison among 2 classical correlations and the new correlation proposed in this paper shows the new correlation has minimum error over the entire range of incidence angle while classical correlations show high reliability only in a limited range.

Experimental data in this paper is collected from NASA’s open technical reports. Rotors and stators are studied together. Considering there is significant deviation angle variation along spanwise direction, only data at 50% span is studied, if possible.

The error among experimental data, statistical regressions of the experimental data, and numerical results based on the new correlation is discussed. It has to be noted that the influence of the flow condition other than incidence angle is only being discussed but with less break through.

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