Aiming at the misaligned problems of high-speed flexible multi-supported rotor system, considering the structural characteristics and load characteristics of the rotor, the unbalanced excitation of the rotor with misalignment is presented and quantitatively described. The mechanical model of the high-speed flexible rotor system with multi-support under misaligned excitation is established. Based on the finite element method, the dynamic equation of the rotor system is given and the dynamic response characteristics of rotor systems are studied. The results show that the misalignment for the highspeed multi-support flexible rotor system can not only lead to 2X excitation and support stiffness nonlinearity, but also bring additional unbalanced excitation to the rotor system. The 2X frequency component is one typical feature for the rotor system with bearing misalignment. The vibration response of the rotor showed a trend of “increased slowly first, then reduced quickly as the rotation frequency increased”, and it turns to be more obvious with the increasing of the nonlinear stiffness and unbalance.

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