Bladed wheel dynamic characterization is a crucial issue to avoid resonance excitations. The test bench presented in this paper was designed to independently excite the wheel sectors with one electromagnetic shaker each blade. Since a wide frequency range (1–10 kHz) is usually considered for bladed wheels, custom electromagnetic devices were designed, and then a closed-loop control software was also implemented. The global mode shapes of the wheel were then reconstructed through subsequent accelerometer measurements on all sectors to evaluate the harmonic response. The main target of the test rig is the reproduction of any operational condition by experimentally simulating an arbitrary number of stator vanes. In this way the response levels of the differently excited modes are measured and the modal damping is optimally quantified by providing a selective excitation of any number of nodal diameters. Preliminary results showed how the test setup actually allows to excite those modes with a specific number of nodal diameters, however, also exposed some difficulties to avoid small load components with different numbers of nodal diameters.

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