Double nodal diameter spectrum (DNDS) method which is used to analyze nodal diameter (ND) components of the vibration modes of impellers with splitters is proposed and its application in quantification of mode localization has been studied. Firstly, ND characteristics of the typical impeller with splitter blades are analyzed by mode shapes and representative subeigenvectors. Secondly, DNDS method is proposed and DNDSs of the representative modes indicate that the tuned modes of impellers with splitter blades contain two ND components. By applying the simplified engine order (EO) excitation in the form of a travelling wave, harmonic response analysis has been carried out by which double nodal diameter vibration characteristics of the structure and the effectiveness of the DNDS method are both validated. Lastly, in terms of quantifying mode localization, the definition of mode localization factor (MLF) is improved based on DNDS. The numerical example proves that the pairing process of choosing the tuned mode corresponding to the mistuned one by utilizing both DNDS and the vibration pattern of blades when calculating the improved MLF could pick out the closest tuned mode to the mistuned one, which has a more explicit physical meaning.

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