The performance of a compressor cascade is considerably influenced by flow control methods. In this paper, the synergistic effects of combination between micro-vortex generators (MVG) and boundary layer suction (BLS) are discussed in a high-load compressor cascade. Seven cases, which are grouped by a kind of micro-vortex generator and boundary layer suction with three locations, are investigated to control secondary flow effects and enhance the aerodynamic performance of the compressor cascade. The MVG is mounted on the end-wall in front of the passage. The rectangle suction slot with three radial positions is installed on the blade suction surface near the trailing edge. The numerical results show that: at the design condition, the total pressure loss is effectively decreased as well as the static pressure coefficient increase when the combined MVG and SBL method (COM) is used, which is superior to MVG in an aerodynamic performance. At the stall condition, the induced vortex coming from MVG could mix the low-energy fluid and mainstream, which result in the reduced separation, and the total pressure loss decreased by 11.54% when the suction flow ratio is 1.5%. The total pressure loss decreases by 14.59% when the COM control methods are applied.

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