Numerical studies discussing micro gas turbines (MGTs) as a basis for automotive range extenders can be found in literature. A comprehensive set of experimental measurement data for an MGT of adequate size, however, is currently not available. In this work, a test rig and demonstrator based on a 30 kWel liquid fueled MGT is built up. Its major components’ performance is characterized by measuring temperature and pressure at inlet and outlet, as well as corresponding fuel and air flows and the exhaust gas composition. A compressor bleed air tapping is installed to characterize the turbo components’ off-design behavior. Stationary load points and transient maneuvers are investigated. The presented data provide coherent information on the operational behavior and cycle parameters. This can be used to validate existing numerical investigations. It further provides a foundation to identify the optimization potential of MGT components and will serve as design baseline for subsequent optimization measures to meet the requirements of mobile applications.

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