This paper uses a recently derived reduction procedure to study the contact interactions of an industrial blade undergoing large displacements. The reduction technique consists in projecting the dynamical problem onto a reduction basis composed of Craig-Bampton modes and a selection of their modal derivatives. The internal nonlinear forces due to large displacements are evaluated with the stiffness evaluation procedure and contact is numerically handled using Lagrange multipliers. The numerical strategy is applied on an open industrial compressor blade model based on the NASA rotor 37 blade in order to promote re-producibility of results. Two contact scenarios are investigated: one with direct contact between the blade and the casing and one with an abradable material deposited on the casing. The influence of geometric nonlinearities is assessed in both cases. In particular, contact interaction maps and abradable coating wear pattern maps are used to identify the main interactions that can be detrimental for the engine integrity.

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