This paper presents information on the NREC core engine development program. The subject engine is a 100-hp, two-shaft gas turbine that is the low-power end of a family of engines up to 500 hp, both nonregenerative and regenerative. The major goal of the program has been the development of a low-cost small gas turbine engine (less than $5/hp to produce in quantities of 15,000/yr). Other objectives include low emissions (meeting the anticipated EPA standards for the markets of interest), relatively high performance (design point SFC = 0.7 for the simple-cycle engine and 0.4 for the regenerative version), and relatively long life (10,000-hr life at design power and a minimum service period of 500 hr). Items specifically covered in this paper include the following: (a) A description of the core engine concept. Frame size, regenerative, recuperative, and air compressor versions are discussed. (b) A technical description of the core engine concept. The salient low-cost features are identified. (c) The development program results. Some of the engine performance and manufacturing cost analysis results are given.

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