Auxiliary power is often provided on combat vehicles in the U.S. Army for battery charging, operation of auxiliary vehicle equipment when the main engine is not running, or to provide assistance in starting the main engine in extreme cold weather conditions. The use of a gas turbine for these applications is particularly attractive, due to its small size and lightweight. In November 1978, the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Research and Development Command, Warren, MI awarded a contract to the Turbomach Division of Solar Turbines International, San Diego, CA, for the development of a 10 kW 28 vdc gas turbine powered auxiliary power unit (APU) for installation in the XM1 main battle tank. This paper describes the general features of the Solar Turbomach T-20G-8 Auxiliary Power Unit, a single-shaft gas turbine driven generator set which has been developed under this contract. This APU is one of the family of Gemini powered APUs and is a derivative of the U.S. Army 10 kW gas turbine engine-driven, 60 and 400 Hz generator sets developed by Solar. The electrical components were newly developed for this particular application. Currently, the APU is in qualification testing both in the laboratory and in the XM1 main battle tank.

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