Test results (leakage and rotordynamic coefficients) are presented for an interlock and tooth-on-stator labyrinth seals. Tests were carried out with air at speeds out to 16,000 cpm and supply pressures up to 7.5 bars. The rotordynamic coefficients consist of direct and cross-coupled stiffness and damping coefficients. Damping-coefficient data have not previously been presented for interlock seals.

The test results support the following conclusions:

(a) The interlock seal leaks substantially less than labyrinth seals.

(b) Destabilizing forces are lower for the interlock seal.

(c) The labyrinth seal has substantially greater direct damping values than the interlock seal.

A complete rotordynamics analysis is needed to determine which type of seal would yield the best stability predictions for a given turbomachinery unit.

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