In this work, a study has been conducted to predict blade erosion and surface deterioration of the free power turbine of an automotive gas turbine engine. The blade material erosion model is based on three dimensional particle trajectory simulations in the three dimensional turbine flow field. The particle rebound characteristics after surface impacts were determined from experimental measurements of restitution ratios for blade material samples in a particulate flow tunnel. The trajectories provide the spacial distribution of the particle impact parameters over the blade surfaces. A semi-empirical erosion model, derived from erosion tests of material samples at different particulate flow conditions is used in the prediction of blade surface erosion based on the trajectory impact data. The results are presented for the three dimensional particle trajectories through the turbine blade passages, the particle impact locations, blade surface erosion pattern, and the associated erosion parameters. These parameters include impact velocity, impact angle and impact frequency. The data can be used for life prediction and performance deterioration of the automotive engine under investigation.

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