A fuel injection system for industrial gas turbine engines capable of using natural gas and liquid fuel in dry, lean premixed combustion is under development to significantly reduce NOx and CO emissions. The program has resulted in a design capable of operating on DF#2 over the 80 to 100% engine load range meeting the current TA LUFT regulations of 96 ppm (dry, @ 15% O2) NOx and 78 ppm CO. When operating on natural gas the design meets the guaranteed levels of 25 ppm NOx and 50 ppm CO.

The design approach is to apply lean premixed combustion technology to liquid fuel. Both injector designs introduce the majority of the diesel fuel via airblast alomization into a premixing passage where fuel vaporization and air-fuel premixing occur. Secondary fuel injection occurs through a pilot fuel passage which operates in a partially premixed mode. Development is completed through injector modeling, flow visualization, combustion rig testing, and engine testing. The prototype design tested in development engine environments has operated with NOx emissions below 65 ppm and 20 ppm CO at full load. This paper includes a detailed discussion of the injector design and qualification testing completed on this development hardware.

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