This paper studies the rotor dynamic behavior of misaligned-coupled rotor systems integrated with active magnetic bearings. The simplest possible numerical model has been derived with a 4-degree of freedom two coupled Jeffcott rotor systems. The effect of flexible coupling on the interaction between the response due to unbalance and misalignment has been studied. To demonstrate the influence three cases have been considered a) pure misalignment b) pure unbalance c) presence of both unbalance and misalignment. This is an original attempt considering the standard practice of using beam element based finite element modeling techniques for such systems. To simplify the problem, the weight dominance of discs has been assumed. Also the coupling considered in the problem is of flexible type. Misalignment in coupled rotors has been reported in literature to produce all harmonics both odd and even (...−2, −1, 0, 1, 2...) on either side of full spectrum. A suitable coupling excitation function has been chosen so that the response yields all the harmonics in spectrum. The numerical simulation has been performed in MATLAB/SIMULINK™ to generate the responses in time domain. Though AMB is incorporated in the system for vibration attenuation, the emphasis of the present paper shall be to demonstrate the interplay between unbalance and misalignment in flexibly coupled rotor systems.

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