Injector plays pivotal role to meet better combustion performances requirements in terms of combustion efficiency, flame stability, ignition, lower emissions etc. In a multi-swirler injector, the primary swirler mainly dictates the airflow field inside and some extend outside the injector. Present CFD studies have been attempted to characterize the flow field of a swirl injector consisting of conical nozzle fitted with single radial swirler at its upstream. Studies are performed at high pressure and high temperature resulting to high density (increased by around 9 times compared to atmospheric condition) and its impact on the flow field in terms of location of energetic zones useful for fuel atomization. Since direct effect of increase in density lead to increase in turbulence which is helpful for mixing and atomization, this study is helpful to capture the same. Embedded LES based hybrid model has been used where the computational domain divided into 3 zones which are seamlessly connected by capturing the interface fluid dynamics. In LES zone, both the time and spatial scales have been resolved by suitably refining the grids. Analysis is carried out with CFL no. around 2, fixed time step of 1 micro second. The analysis is reasonably able to capture various unsteadiness (PVC, CTRZ, frequencies etc. useful for the atomization of the liquid fuel) which are not available beforehand.

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