This study examines the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of the dielectric fluid HFE-7100 within multiport microchannel heat sink having a square configuration rectangular with a hydraulic diameter of 460 μm. For a lower mass flux of 100 or 200 kg/m2·s, it is found that the heat transfer coefficients are roughly independent of heat flux and vapor quality provided that no flow reversal occurs. However, with the presence of flow reversal at an elevated heat flux, appreciable drop of heat transfer coefficient is encountered. The flow reversal also plays a significant role in the overall pressure drop. Without flow reversal, the pressure drop for higher heat flux always exceeds that of lower heat flux due to acceleration contribution. However, the presence of flow reversal may offset the contribution of acceleration and results in a negligible effect of heat flux. For a higher mass flux like 300 kg/m2·s, the heat transfer coefficients are virtually independent of vapor quality and heat flux.

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