SMART (System-integrated Modular Advanced ReacTor) is an integral light water reactor developed by KAERI for both electricity generation and various applications. SMART can produce 90MWe of electricity and 40,000 tons/day of sea-water desalination, which is deemed suitable for a city population of 100,000. The SMART project aims at standard design approval. The experimental validation for SMART specific thermal hydraulic phenomena is to generate background information required for SMART licensing.

The objective of the experimental validation is to demonstrate the safety and performance of the SMART-specific system and component designs, and to provide a database for the validation of the design tools, such as a system analysis code. From the experimental results, it is proved that SMART was designed properly and the data are used to approve the validation of the system analysis code. Also, the experimental results were submitted to a regulatory body as technical background information of the SMART standard design, and they enhance the licensing possibility of this design.

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