In chemical researchers view, hot functional test is a verification of the Nuclear Power Plant before first fuel loading and commercial operation, which is the preparation for staffs, documents, instruments and sampling systems. So, chemistry department should use its own language, knowledge and experience to express their thoughts and what they have seen during the engineering commissioning period. As the first commercial operation nuclear power plant after Fukushima nuclear accident, during the four units commissioning period, chemical researchers accumulated a lot of good experience and feedbacks in the aspect of construction and commissioning for new nuclear power plant. For example, in order to ensure the personnel skill level, we must make special plans which include staff training, laboratory construction, instrument and on-line system commissioning, and all of these should be timely adjusted and changed in order to be consistent with the engineering progress. In order to ensure the water quality of pipe flushing in different stages, such as cold functional test, hot functional test, we should set a strictly water chemical standard which based on the HAF103, and the standard should have some differences in different stage for one unit. In order to ensure the water chemistry in good performance especially after the unit going into commercial operation, the maintenance plan for equipment and system must be formulated, and then, a detailed monitoring plan must be executed. At the same time, a strict system flushing controlling mode can also provide a great benefits for water chemistry quality, especially in the period of start-up. In addition to these above experiences, chemistry researchers of Ningde nuclear power plant also accumulated a lot of good practices and feedbacks about dealing with some abnormal water quality activities, which can’t be founded in commercial operation unit. For example, the aluminum (Al) content in the primary increased rapidly and beyond the specification limits in hot functional test and so on. This article will share the good practices and feedbacks of the first phase of Fujian Ningde nuclear power plant. We hope these good practices and experience feedbacks can provide good reference for the other new nuclear plants in the stage of design, construction, operation and maintenance in the future.

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