In the active magnetic bearing (AMB) system, the eddy current is generated during the rotation of the rotor, which brings about the AMB loss and eddy-current magnetic field. The eddy-current magnetic field will reduce the electromagnetic force and generate the resistance torque of the AMB. Basing on the AMB of the Primary Helium Circulator (PHC) in HTR-PM, two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) AMB models are built and analyzed with finite element analysis (FEA) in maxwell. The 2D FEA shows that the eddy-current loss and the resistance torque increase as the rotor speed increases, and the eddy-current magnetic field will affect the air-gap magnetic field and reduce the electromagnetic force. The 3D FEA shows that dividing the rotor in insulate sheets can reduce the eddy-current loss. The loss and the sheets thickness have a linear relationship, which is different from the theoretical analysis.

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