Agile manufacturing concept requires an enterprise view and agility embodies concepts like rapid prototyping, reconfigurable equipment, design for upgradability, leveled production and continuous improvement to introduce new products to the market at an affordable price. An agile enterprise needs to consider shop floor issues as well. There is an increase in use of reconfigurable tooling in industries, and much of it is in need of integration. A need exists for improvement in building of production tooling which can be reconfigured when need arises with the smallest possible changeover time.

This paper analyzes different production scenarios of a forging cell designed using Petrinet theory. Petrinet theory is effective in design and synthesis of discrete event systems, especially agile systems and incorporates the control logic of the system. The objective of the study was to quantify agility of the system by determining system characteristics at different operating conditions and its ability to accommodate different products. The deterministic model is analyzed using a simulation software package. Conclusions obtained from this study are summarized for evaluation of reconfigurable systems focused on assembly aspects.

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