This study concerns the dynamic response of a rotor landed on auxiliary (catcher) bearings in an Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) supported rotor, following postulated loss of power or overload of the AMB.

An analytical model involving disk, shaft and auxiliary bearings on damped flexible supports is constructed and appropriate equations of the nonlinear dynamic system are developed. The equations include a switch function to indicate contact/noncontact events and determine the existence of contact normal forces and tangential friction forces between the shaft and the bearings.

Steady state solutions are obtained. An analytical method was formulated and used to yield solutions for cases with well balanced rotors, in absence of any side forces. The Fixed Point Algorithm (FPA) is used to obtain steady state periodic solutions for various parameters. The FPA is used to determine the stability of the periodic solution and the type of bifurcations involved. Multiple periodic solutions, quasiperiodic and chaotic responses are detected and discussed. A set of preliminary guidelines for selection of the parameters of the catcher bearings are given.

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