In Japan, the seismic design methods for structures are developed in the civil and architectural fields. And these seismic design technologies have also been brought to mechanical structures such as piping facilities and boiler structures, etc.. But, for the geometric time varying structure of which geometric configuration is dependent on time such as cranes, the kinetic and the dynamic characteristics of such structures are not fully considered in the seismic response analyses. In this paper, we try the modeling of the geometric time varying structure systems by means of the method of multibody dynamics. And we examine the effect of the geometric time varying system on the seismic response. The beam elements formulated by the absolute nodal coordinate are used to model the structure that has large displacement motion of the base of the structure. The crane structure for the building construction is modeled in the numerical example. The seismic responses of the moving boom part of the crane model are simulated. New phenomenon has been explored.

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