A new Eigenstructure Assignment (ESA) method for vibration confinement of flexible structures has been developed. This method is based on finding an output feedback control gain matrix in such a way that the closed-loop eigenvectors are orthogonal to the open-loop ones. Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is used for finding the matrix that spans the null space of the closed-loop eigenvectors. It is shown that this matrix has a unique property that can be used to regenerate the open-loop system. This method finds a coefficient vector which leads to a zero gain matrix while several coefficient vectors can be found simultaneously which are orthogonal to the open-loop coefficient vector. As a result, the closed-loop eigenvectors are orthogonal to the open-loop ones. It is shown that the modal energy of the closed loop system is reduced. Moreover, the proposed method needs neither to specify the closed-loop eigenvalues nor to define a desired set of eigenvectors. Also it is shown that if the maximum force of the actuators and the consumed energy of the actuators need to be low, actuators have to be relatively close to input. If the amplitude of vibration in isolated area has to be minimized as much as possible, the actuators need to be relatively closer to isolated area. Also the algorithm of the minimum eigenstructure assignment method has been modified to eliminate the effect of the actuators that are located on the nodes of different vibrational modes.

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