In the present work, a Bernoulli – Euler beam fixed on a moving cart and carrying lumped tip mass subjected to external periodic force is considered. Such a model could describe the motion of structures like forklift vehicles or ladder cars that carry heavy loads and military airplane wings with storage loads on their span. The nonlinear equations of motion which describe the global motion as well as the vibration motion were derived using Lagrangian approach under the inextensibility condition. In order to investigate the influence of the axial movement of the cart on the response of the system, unconstrained modal analysis has been carried out, and accurate mode shapes of the beam deflection were obtained. The assumed mode method was utilized for approximating the beam elastic deformation based on the single unconstrained mode shapes. Numerical simulation has been carried out to estimate the open-loop response of the nonlinear beam-mass-cart model as well as for the simplified linear model under the influence of the periodic excitation force. Also a comparison study between the responses of the linear and nonlinear models was established. It was shown that the maximum values of the beam tip deflection estimated from the nonlinear model are lower than the corresponding values obtained via the linear model, which reveals the importance of considering nonlinear hardening term in formulating the equations of motion for such system in order to come with more accurate and reliable model.

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