This paper presents proposed designs of parallel hybrid transmissions with only one electric motor/generator (MG) and without any rotating clutches. The proposed motor/generator integrated hybrid transmission serves to regulate the engine’s effective gear ratio (engine rotational velocity versus vehicle velocity) by mixing the engine and electric motor powers through a power controlling device. The proposed design provides some of the benefits and flexibility of a power-split design but using conventional available components in a simpler mechanical layout that makes the design compact, mechanically simple, and operationally flexible. Three commonly used transmission gear sets are used for this purpose; Simpson, Ravigneaux, and Type-6206 gear sets. With an electronic control unit, eight major modes of operation including a regenerative braking capability are shown to be feasible in the proposed hybrid transmission; one electric motor mode, two engine modes, two engine/charge modes, and two power modes. Continuously variable transmission (CVT) capability is provided with the second engine/charge mode and with the second power mode. The second power mode can be further subdivided into three hybrid sub-modes that correspond to the direct drive, under-drive, and over-drive of a conventional automatic transmission. The feasibility of the proposed hybrid transmission is demonstrated with a numerical example employing conventional Ravigneaux gear train. The kinematics, static torque, and power flow relations for all operation modes are analyzed in detail.

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