Singularity analysis of multi-DOF (multiple-degree-of-freedom) multiloop planar linkages is much more complicated than the single-DOF planar linkages. This paper offers a degeneration method to analyze the singularity (dead center position) of multi-DOF multiloop planar linkages. The proposed method is based on the singularity analysis results of single-DOF planar linkages and the less-DOF linkages. For an N-DOF (N>1) planar linkage, it generally requires N inputs for a constrained motion. By fixing M (M<N) input joints or links, the N-DOF planar linkage degenerates an (N-M)-DOF linkage. If any one of the degenerated linkages is at the dead center position, the whole N-DOF linkage must be also at the position of singularity. With the proposed method, one may find out that it is easy to obtain the singular configurations of a multiple-DOF multiloop linkage. The proposed method is a general concept in sense that it can be systematically applied to analyze the singularity for any multiple-DOF planar linkage regardless of the number of kinematic loop or the types of joints. The velocity method for singularity analysis is also used to verify the results. The proposed method offers simple explanation and straightforward geometric insights for the singularity identification of multiple-DOF multiloop planar linkages. Examples are also employed to demonstrate the proposed method.

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