This paper presents the challenges and solutions encountered while printing functionally gradient material (FGM) objects using an off the shelf Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printer. The printer, Build Builder Dual-Feed Extruder from 3dprinter4u, has the unique design of extruding two different filaments out of one nozzle. Two separate motors independently pull two different filaments into one chamber causing plastic to extrude out of one nozzle. By using different filaments with different properties, an object with a material properties gradient can be manufactured. These material property gradients can help minimize the difficulty of bonding two different materials directly to each other, and give the designer the ability to tailor individual regions of one object to have different physical properties. Finding an optimal object design that can take advantage of this gradation is a unique problem that goes beyond the traditional solid modeling found in most CAD software. Once a design is obtained, slicing the object and creating an optimal build path is challenging because the gradation must be considered. Several objects were designed and manufactured to test the printers ability to print FGM objects. The python code used to add gradient change commands to the existing Gcode, and to slice a FGM flywheel while taking into account the material gradation has been made open source.

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