The three dimension physico-mathematical model was established for the integrated planar solid oxide fuel cell (IP-SOFC) with the couples of multi components flow of reacting gas, heat transfer and electro-chemical process in order to reveal the inherent multi-scale effect of gas distributing duct and the porous support layer, and also, the microscale effect on the transport process in fuel cell. The mutual influences between heat transfer and chemical components transport were included in the model. In addition, the thermal effect of chemical reactions and its influences on polarizations of fuel cell were considered. And also, besides the Darcy diffusion, the Knudsen diffusion in the sub-microscale structure of the porous support is taken into consideration. Numerical simulation was employed to solve the model, by which, the output performance and polarization characteristics of a single cell were analyzed and compared for electrolyte-supported, anode-supported and cathode-supported SOFC, respectively. The present model was also validated comparing with the experimental data.

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