Combined smart bearing (CSB) integrates two oil free bearing technologies to take advantage of the strengths of each bearing with minimizing each other weaknesses. It is for enhancing dynamic stability and load carrying capacity [1]. Moreover, CSB have a shorter length than size of hybrid bearing suggested by Heshmat in same performance [2]. So, it has the advantage of the design in high speed turbo machinery. This paper presents vibration control of a high speed rotor supported by CSB. An experiment set-up of a rotor bearing system is built. And rotor dynamic analysis of the rigid rotor on critical speeds is performed. For the experimental approach, unbalance responses of the rigid rotor supported by each bearings: air foil bearing (AFB) and CSB are compared to verify the effectiveness of the CSB. First, the PD control parameters of the magnetic bearing were to find out in stable range experimentally. Then according to the angle of unbalance experiments, compared the performance of AFB and CSB. The result, the shaft vibration in a critical speed is significantly suppressed by the CSB rather than AFB.

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