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Proceedings Papers

Manufacturing Engineering

Assembly Systems: Modeling, Design, and Diagnosis

Advances in Information Discovery for Manufacturing

Sensor Based Control for Manufacturing and Mechatronic Systems

Thermo-Mechanical Processing of Materials

Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling and Solid Freeform Fabrication in the Next Millennium

Electronics Manufacturing

Advances in Metal Forming

Environmentally Responsible Design and Manufacturing

Machining Research in Milling

Emerging Areas of Manufacturing Engineering

Issues in Machining Quality Performance Enhancement and Predictive Modeling

Manufacturing Applications of Lasers and Ultrasonics

Topics in Machining Process Simulation

IMECE 2000; 997-1007doi:
IMECE 2000; 1009-1016doi:

Issues in Machining Process Planning

IMECE 2000; 1017-1025doi:
IMECE 2000; 1027-1036doi:

Fatigue Performance Due to Manufacturing Processes

IMECE 2000; 1037-1045doi:
IMECE 2000; 1047-1054doi:

Modeling and Replication Methods in Polymer Processing

IMECE 2000; 1055-1062doi:
IMECE 2000; 1063-1069doi:
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