Construction and simulation of high temperature absorption systems need good property data. At the moment a mixture of LiNO3,KNO3,NaNO3-H2O is among few non-corrosive working-pairs for absorption systems working above 160°C. The properties of this mixture have been published by Erickson in 1986 but these data only represent some concentrations and a part of the temperature pressure field. If this nitrate mixture should be used for an absorption machine generating steam at 150 °C or as a topping cycle to a 2-effect libr cycle, the data are insufficient. The measurements presented in this article validate and extend the Erickson property data. And a more precise and detailed detection of the crystallisation behaviour is presented. Furthermore, it is seen that the solution has a tendency to deviate from the expected Temperature Pressure relation. Finally methods for estimation of the concentration are discussed.

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