Vehicle concepts of the future will have to satisfy such contradictory requirements as high body rigidity and maximum safety in all driving situations, coupled with minimum weight. With this in mind, at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show Audi presented the Al2 study vehicle, a car which makes ultra-low fuel consumption possible thanks to its new overall technical concept based on extremely low-weight Audi Space Frame (ASF) techniques and innovative engines, but is a multi-purpose four-door vehicle despite its compact exterior dimensions. This study model was developed into a production-ready vehicle within a very short space of time: the Audi A2, which made its début at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1999. Only with the aid of simulation techniques it was possible to bring such a novel body concept to production maturity within such a short space of time. The following paper describes the technical highlights of the ASF body on the Audi A2.

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