Tensile properties of die cast magnesium AM60 were investigated by testing tensile bar specimens obtained from three sources. The first series of tensile bars were cut from eight locations from multiple copies of a die cast magnesium AM60 automotive instrument panel beam. The second series were cut from six-inch square AM60 die cast plates in both the parallel and perpendicular to the flow direction. The last series of specimens were die cast AM60 tensile bars. The measured yield stress did not significantly depend on the specimen source and matched published values. However, the elongation as determined by the engineering strain at break in the tensile test varied significantly for samples cut from the automotive instrument panel beams and those cut from the six-inch by six-inch plates. The elongation remained constant for the cast tensile bars. Statistic General Linear Models were used to study the effect of casting conditions on both the yield stress and the strain at break. Sample location within the beams was the main factor for the material property variation.

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