Horizontal well oil production has been numerically studied by using the Modified Brinkman’s Model. This model has been used along with the Darcy-Weisbach pipe flow equation in modeling of coupled porous medium/pipe flow. The results include seepage flow rate along the horizontal well, velocity distribution, pressure drop, and production pressure drop between the two ends of the horizontal well. They have been compared with those from Darcy model. It is found that when the fluid’s viscosity is low, there is a big difference between the results from the two models. However, when the fluid’s viscosity is high, the difference tends to vanish. In addition, two striking findings have been observed: (a) the curves for the distribution of the seepage flow rate along the pipeline are more flat than that from Darcy model. However, a higher viscosity makes the curve more uneven. This reverses the trend from Darcy model. (b) The velocity in the pipe is more uniform by MBM than that by Darcy model. The curves of V ~x become more uniform in the pipe when the fluid has a lower viscosity. This again reveres the trend from the Darcy model.

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Emerging Technologies in Enhanced Oil Recovery
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