In this research, the structure of laminar, one-dimensional and steady flame propagation in uniformly premixed particle-wood is analyzed. The structure of the flame is composed of three zones: a preheat zone, a narrow reaction zone and a post flame zone. In the preheat zone, the rate of reaction between fuel and oxidizer is assumed to be small and also it is presumed that the fuel particles vaporize to yield a gaseous fuel of known chemical structure when enter the reaction zone. Then in the reaction zone, composed of gas, tar and char combustion, the convective terms and vaporization terms in the conservation equations are presumed to be small and in the post flame zone, the diffusive terms in the conservation equations are assumed to be small in comparison with other parameters. The governing equations in each zone, considering these assumptions, are solved using the required boundary and matching conditions. Consequently, the variation of burning velocity and flame temperature as a function of equivalence ratio are presented as the outcome of this research.

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