The structural vibration suppression of beam-type structures using Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) and Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers (MTMD) technologies will be investigated in this study. A vibration suppression strategy for beam-type structures based on TMD and MTMD technologies, in which a light beam with attached masses (secondary structure) is connected to the primary structure (beam), will be presented. The beam is modeled by utilizing the Timoshenko beam theory, and then the governing differential equations of motion have been cast into the finite element form by using the Galerkin method. The derived finite element formulation of beam-type structures with the attached TMD and MTMD systems has been combined with a designed optimization procedure to find the optimum design variables in the developed TMD and MTMD systems to suppress the vibration effectively. The effectiveness of the developed methodologies is verified through an experimental study, where the structural responses for the uncontrolled structure and that with the attached optimal TMD and MTMD systems were compared.

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