A microfluidic device was fabricated via UV lithography technique to separate nonmagnetic fluoresbrite carboxy microspheres (∼4.5 μm) from the ferrofluids made of magnetic nanoparticles (∼10 nm). A mixture of microspheres and ferrofluid was injected to lithographically developed Y shape micro channels, and then by applying the external magnet field, the fluoresbrite carboxy microspheres and ferrofluids were clearly separated into different channels because of the magnetic force acting on those nonmagnetic particles. During the fabrication, a number of different parameters, such as UV exposure times, UV power level and photoresist thickness were tested to optimize for our needs. In addition, in the magnetic field testing, different pumping speeds, and particle concentrations associated with the various distances between the magnet and the microfluidic system were studied for an efficient separation.

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