In this paper, phonon transmission through a graphene sheet is investigated using an atomistic Green’s function (AGF) method. Reported best-fit results from first-principles calculations using a 4th nearest neighbor force-constant (4NNFC) model are used to establish the matrices that describe the interactions among carbon atoms. Calculations reveal that graphene dispersion curves so obtained are in good agreement with experiments as well as other published first-principles calculations. The effect of carbon isotopes on thermal conductance is investigated, and the results reveal that isotopic doping moderately reduces both phonon transmission function and thermal conductance. The phonon transmission function of each vibrational branch in the heterogeneous interface is also calculated based on a method described in recent work, and comparisons indicate the major and minor channels of phonon transport through graphene. The results herein offer a useful reference and suggest directions for future research on thermal applications of this material.

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