We present the development and characterization of an air-cooled loop heat pipe with a planar evaporator and condenser. The condenser is mounted vertically above the evaporator, and impellers are integrated both sides of the condenser with tight clearance. The planar geometry allows for effective convective cooling by increasing the surface area and the convective heat transfer coefficient. To ensure condensation across the area of the condenser, a wicking structure is integrated in the condenser. The evaporator incorporates a multi-layer wicking structure to maintain a thermal gradient between the vapor and liquid regions, which is used to sustain the vapor and liquid pressures necessary for operation. The loop heat pipe was demonstrated to remove 140 W of heat at a temperature difference between the evaporator base and inlet air of 50 °C. This work is the first step towards the development of an air-cooled, multiple-condenser loop heat pipe.

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