During the last years the aerodynamics characteristics of airfoils have been studied solving numerically the Navier-Stokes (NS) equations. These calculations require a significant computational cost due to both the second order and the nonlinear characteristics of the NS partial differential equations. Therefore, efforts have been devoted to reduce this cost and increase the accuracy of the numerical methods. The Lattice-Boltzmann Method (LBM) has become a great alternative to simulate this problem and a variety of fluid flows. In this method, the convective operator is linear and the pressure is calculated directly by the equation of state without implementing iterative methods. This work represents a preliminary investigation of a laminar flow over airfoils under low Reynolds number conditions (Re = 500). Solutions are obtained using a Multi-Block mesh refinement method. In order to validate the computational code, calculations are performed on a SD7003 airfoil at an angle of attack of 4° and 30°, which corresponds to the available numerical and experimental results. The results of this study agree well with previous experimental and numerical studies demonstrating the capabilities of the LBM to simulate accurately laminar flows over airfoils as well as capturing and predicting the laminar separation bubbles.

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