In this paper, we simulate the inflation of fixed two ends polymer chain curvature as nano sensor in EOF which it provides a porous media for DPD (dissipative particles dynamics) solvent particles and inflation is resulted. Particles are driven by electroosmotic flow in nanochannel which is as an external force in DPD algorithm and part of particles should move through a non-charged polymer chain which they affect on curvature of polymer chain. Our results for simple nanochannel in EOF are validated with analytical results and we have developed our results when a fixed two ends polymer chain subject in nanochannel as nano sensor in both cases including simple and stenosis nanochannel. Amount of inflation (displacement) of fixed two ends polymer chain is related to electroosmotic forces and interaction between particles. Our aim is that a relation between effective parameters in electroosmotic flow such as electric field, zeta potential, kh parameters and amount of inflation in polymer chain curvature (interaction between particles) is provided for each test case. Based on our results, there is a linear relation between some parameters such as external electrical field, zeta potential and kh parameters (effect of Debye length and channel height) in low electrosmotic forces but non-linear behavior is observed for high electroosmotic forces especially for stenosis channel case. This study opens some new way toward designing proper nano EOF sensors to measure flow characteristics in EOF applications.

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