Cellulosic nanofibers have been electrospun with an antitumor agent Cisplatin. Cellulose acetate (CA) and Cisplatin were co-electrospun using a coaxial electrospinning system. For the outer sheath, a solution of 7.5wt% CA in Acetone and DMAc (2:1) was used. The inner core consisted of Cisplatin dissolved in DMF at a concentration of 5mg/ml. Drug-loaded nanofibers from Cellulose pulp (2wt%) dissolved in NMMO. H2O were also produced. The solutions were electrospun in a high voltage electric field of 25–30 kV. Characterization of neat and drug-loaded nanofibers was performed using Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS). The characterization studies have shown the formation of nanofibers having both sporadic beads with internal agglomeration and conjugation of Cisplatin on the nanofiber surfaces.

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