Mechanical loading of the knee is an innovative modality developed for rehabilitation of the knee joint as well as the femur and tibia that are subjected to bone fractures, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Loading essentially applies a lateral and periodic force to the knee joint [1]. In this paper, we propose the design of an electro-mechanical device that is capable of applying such dynamic loads. The key variable attributes of this device are the magnitude of the loading force, together with displacement and frequency. A DC motor with a controller actuates the device to produce the necessary force. The loading force is applied to the knee by a set of pads in a restricted linear motion. The operation of the device is approximated using the software package, SimMechanics of MATLAB. The simulations show that the device is capable of producing a suitable loading force with desired frequency. This simulation helps in constructing the device and performing experiments with appropriate frequencies. The device is expected to stimulate the fluids in porous skeletal matrix, resulting in strengthening the knee and bones. It can be employed for clinical trials for necessary evaluations and improvements.

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