Based on the influence coefficient method of the single-plane and multi-plane imbalance, an experimental method of a 4WD driveline system imbalance is proposed. A sensitivity theory and a testing method of influence of the 4WD driveline system imbalance on the vehicle interior 1st order vibration and noise are proposed. According to the influence coefficient method of the single plane, this paper puts forward an imbalance separation method for the driveline components, especially the imbalance separation between the driveshaft and the axle. Based on the problems and phenomena of the 1st order interior vibration and noise induced by the driveline imbalance transferring through the body floor and the interior acoustic cavity, the driveline imbalance sensitivity, the dynamic imbalance of the driveshaft and the driveline system are analyzed separately. Finally, the control methods of the dynamic imbalance and sensitivity of the 4WD vehicle driveline system are provided.

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