In this article a GHG and energy analysis for the plastic injection process of an ABS medium sized injected part carried out in a hybrid injection molding machine is reported. A power consumption process pattern for an ABS medium-size part is defined as well as the energy usage of components, the energy used for the injection process is calculated for the injection cycle and for the process setup. The reported study includes a hybrid machine analysis working under an electric network that relies mainly on thermoelectric energy generation. The GHG emissions assessment was estimated using the 2015 emission factor applied for Mexico. The results provide new experimental data for ABS plastic injected parts in hybrid injection machines.

This paper describes the outcomes of a GHG emissions and energy assessment for an ABS medium-sized injected part carried out in a HIMM at UNAM. The approach followed by the authors in this assessment was aimed at providing information about the energy usage and GHG emissions for the process and the part.

The main contribution of this paper is the insight related to energy usage indicators in the process, the energy usage and the GHG emissions within components. The product used as a case study and the results of its GHG emissions and energy assessment are presented.

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